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We will be closed the week of 7/27 and will reopen Saturday 8/1 at 10 a.m.

Flowers, Plants, Trees, Shrubs, Mulch – Available to Purchase

Pre-pay for order over the phone and we will deliver to you**. Or if you prefer to pick up – we will have your order pulled by a designated time and ready for you to load up. We will operate with LOW CONTACT.

**Free delivery available on SELECT ITEMS to SELECT NEIGHBORHOODS. Call our office for more details.

Installation is a minimum charge of $150 or 70% of total retail cost – whichever is greater.

To place an order, please call: 317-842-7481 OR Email Us

Items currently available:

Vegetables & Herbs

Basil, Cilantro, Oregano, Sage, Mint, Thyme, Parsley3″$3.78
Tomatoes, Peppers, Zucchini, Cucumber, Squash, Melons3″$2.98
Tomatoes 10″ w/cage10″$16.98

Annuals, Hanging Baskets, Tropicals

Basic Annual (marigold, impatien, begonia)4″$1.49
Fancy Annual (lantana, sunpatiens)4″$2.99
Wave Petnunias (red, pink, silver, dark pink)4″$2.99
Accent Greenery (spikes, vinca, ivy)3″$2.99
Accent Greenery (spikes, vinca, ivy)4.5″$4.98
Large Fancy Annual (caladiums, geranium, dragon wing begonia)4.5″$4.98
PW Grand Annual (coleus, potato vine, superbells)4.5″$4.98
Annual Grasses (purple fountain, corkscrew, amazon mist)5″$6.99
Succulent Assorted3″$4.99
Succulent Assorted5″$9.99
HOUSE PLANTS – Assorted3″$8.99
HOUSE PLANTS – Assorted8″$16.99
Hanging Basket (geranium, million bells, begonia)10″$29.99
Patio Geranium Pot (pink, white, red)12″$29.99
Fancy Hanging Basket Combos (Geranium, Mixed Sun)12″$49.99
Proven Winner COMBO HANGING BASKET – Perfect Gift!12″$39.99
AMAZING Hanging Basket Combo – HUGE16″$59.99
Mandeville Hoop (pink, white, red)6″$18.99
Mandeville Teepee (pink, red, white) BIG!10″$49.99
BOSTON FERN – Hanging Basket10″$24.99




ASTILBE ‘Bridal Veil’1 gal$14.99
ASTILBE ‘Red Sentinel’1 gal$14.99
BLACK EYED SUSAN ‘Goldstrum’4.5″$7.99
BLUE-EYED GRASS1 gal$14.99
BUTTERFLY WEED ‘Orange’1 qt$9.99
CATMINT ‘Cats Meow’1 gal$16.99
CLEMATIS ‘President’ Deep purple3 gal$29.99
CLEMATIS ‘Pink Champagne’ Pink3 gal$29.99
CLEMATIS ‘Toki’1 gal$29.99
CONEFLOWER ‘Cheyenne Spirit’Large Qt$12.99
CONEFLOWER ‘Wild Berry’4.5″$9.99
CONEFLOWER ‘Sombrero Baja Burgundy’1 Qt$9.99
CORAL BELLS ‘Obsidian’5.5″$14.99
CORAL BELLS Palace Purple’1 Qt$7.99
CORAL BELLS ‘Frosted Violet’1 Qt$9.99
CORAL BELLS ‘Caramel’1 gal$16.99
COREOPSIS ‘Zagreb’5.5″$12.99
COREOPSIS ‘Jethro Tull’1 Qt$7.99
COREOPSIS ‘Double The Sun’1 Qt$7.99
COREOPSIS ‘Moonbeam’1 gal$14.99
DAISY ‘Becky’1 Qt$7.99
DAISY ‘Snowcap’1 Qt$7.99
DAYLILY ‘Stella D Oro’1 gal$14.99
DAYLILY ‘Purple D Oro’1 gal$14.99
DIANTHUS ‘Mountain Frost’1 Qt$7.99
DIANTHUS ‘Frosty Fire’1 gal$16.99
DIANTHUS ‘Ruby’s Tuesday’1 Qt$7.99
FERN ‘Ostrich’1 gal$16.99
GERANIUM ‘Johnsons Blue’1 gal$14.99
GERANIUM ‘Rozanne’1 gal$14.99
GERANIUM ‘Max Frei’1 gal$14.99
HENS & CHICKS – purple, greenQt$9.99
HOSTA ‘Patriot’ Green & White1 gal$16.99
HOSTA ‘Sum & Substance’1 gal$16.99
HOSTA ‘So Sweet’1 gal$16.99
HOSTA ‘Hadspen Blue’1 gal$16.99
HOSTA ‘Elegans’1 gal$16.99
HOSTA ‘Blue Mouse Ears’4.5″$9.99
HOSTA ‘Queen Josephine’1 gal$16.99
HOSTA ‘Dream Queen’1 gal$18.99
HOSTA ‘Night Before Christmas’1 gal$18.99
ICE PLANT – Red, Yellow, OrangeQt$9.99
IRIS ‘Eramosa Skies’ – Dwarf1 gal$18.99
IRIS ‘Caesar’s Brother’1 gal$14.99
JAPANESE SEDGE GRASS ‘All Gold’1 gal$16.99
LIRIOPE ‘Spicata’ greenQt$9.99
LADY’S MANTEL ‘Thriller’Qt$9.99
LAVENDER ‘Phenomenal’1 gal$14.99
PEONY ‘Sarah Bernhardt’3 gal$29.99
PEONY ‘Felix Crousse’3 gal$29.99
PHLOX ‘Bubblegum Pink’ – tall garden phloxLarge Qt$12.99
RUSSIAN SAGE ‘Little Spire’1 Qt$7.99
SALVIA ‘May Night’1 Qt$7.99
SALVIA ‘Rose Marvel’1 Qt$7.99
SALVIA ‘Snow Hill’1 gal$14.99
SEDUM ‘Lidakense’4.5″$7.99
SEDUM ‘Autumn Fire’1 Qt$7.99
VERONICA ‘Red Fox’1 gal$14.99
YARROW ‘Little Moonshine YELLOW”1 gal$14.99
YARROW “Paprika’1 gal$14.99

Evergreen Shrubs

BOXWOOD ‘Green Gem’2 gal$49.99
BOXWOOD ‘Green Velvet’5 gal$69.99
BOXWOOD ‘Green Mountain’ Pyramidal5 gal$89.99
FALSECYPRESS ‘Golden Charm’2 gal$39.99
FALSECYPRESS ‘Lemon Thread’3 gal$59.99
FALSECYPRESS ‘Mops’3 gal$49.99
HOLLY ‘Magic Royalty’2 gal$44.99
HOLLY ‘Magic Royalty’5 gal$69.99
JUNIPER ‘Blue Star’2 gal$39.99
JUNIPER ‘Blue Rug’3 gal$49.99
JUNIPER ‘Mother Lode’1 gal$39.99
JUNIPER “Dwarf Japanese Garden”3 gal$39.99
YEW ‘Densi’3 gal$59.99
YEW ‘Hicks’5 gal$79.99

Deciduous Shrubs

ARONIA ‘Low Scape Mound’3 gal$59.99
BURNING BUSH ‘Dwarf’3 gal$39.99
BUTTERFLY BUSH ‘Tutti Fruiti PINK’3 gal$49.99
BUTTERFLY BUSH ‘Pugster Periwinkle’3 gal$49.99
BUTTERFLY BUSH ‘Miss Molly’3 gal$49.99
COTONEASTER ‘Tom Thumb’2 gal$34.99
FORSYTHIA ‘Magical Gold’2 gal$39.99
GRASS – Fountain ‘Hamlen Dwarf’3 gal$34.99
GRASS ‘Karl Forester’3 gal$34.99
GRASS “Maiden”3 gal$34.99
HYDRANGEA ‘Annabelle’3 gal$49.99
HYDRANGEA ‘Wee White’ -dwarf3 gal$59.99
HYDRANGEA ‘Bobo’3 gal$59.99
HYDRANGEA ‘Little Quickfire’3 gal$59.99
HYDRANGEA ‘Vanilla Strawberry’3 gal$59.99
HYDRANGEA ‘Summer Crush’3 gal$59.99
LILAC ‘Dwarf Korean’5 gal$59.99
LILAC ‘POM Patio Tree’5 gal$149.99
NINEBARK ‘Summer Wine’5 gal$59.99
NINEBARK ‘Lemon Candy’ GOLD3 gal$49.99
ROSE ‘Knock Out RED’3 gal$39.99
ROSE ‘Double Knock Out RED’3 gal$39.99
ROSE ‘DRIFT’ – Apricot, Coral, Popcorn, Red3 gal$59.99
SPIREA ‘Little Princess’3 gal$44.99
SPIREA ‘Magic Carpet’2 gal$34.99
SPIREA ‘Goldmound’3 gal$44.99
SPIREA ‘Double Play’3 gal$49.99
SPIREA ‘Snowmound’3 gal$39.99
SWEETSPIRE ‘Henry’s Garnet’ Native3 gal$49.99
VIBURNUM ‘Burkwood’3 gal$59.99
VIBURNUM ‘Popcorn’3 gal$59.99
VIBURNUM ‘Spicy Baby’ Fragrant3 gal$59.99
VIBURNUM ‘Mohawk’5 gal$59.99
VIBURNUM ‘Juddi’5 gal$59.99
WEIGELA ‘Fine Wine’3 gal$49.99
WEIGELA ‘Magical Fantasy’2 gal$39.99
WINTERBERRY ‘Berry Poppins’2 gal$49.99
WINTERBERRY ‘Mr. Poppins’2 gal$49.99


DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE ‘Cone’24″ tall$69.99
DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE ‘Spiral’1 gal$39.99
DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE ‘Spiral’2 gal$119.99
DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE ‘2 ball POM’2 gal$104.99
DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE ‘3 ball POM’2 gal$119.99
LILAC ‘1 ball POM Patio Tree’5 gal$149.99


ARBORVITAE ‘Emerald Green’60″ tall$99.99
BEECH ‘Tricolor’5 gal$109.99
ELM ‘Princeton’15 gal$229.00
JAPANESE MAPLE “Tamukeyama”24-30″$229.00
JAPANESE MAPLE ‘Green Laceleaf”24-30″$229.00
MAGNOLIA ‘Royal Star’7 gal$129.00
MAGNOLIA ‘Sunsation’7 gal$109.00
MAPLE ‘Tartanian HOT Wings’7 gal$99.00
MAPLE ‘Autumn Blaze’25 gal$299.00
MAPLE ‘Crimson King’15 gal$239.00
MAPLE ‘Franskred’15 gal$239.00
MAPLE ‘Redpoint’15 gal$199.00
NEWPORT PLUM20 gal$189.00
OAK ‘Red’15 gal$219.00
REDBUD ‘Eastern’15 gal$179.00
RIVER BIRCH15 gal$199.00
RIVER BIRCH ‘Heritage’25 gal$249.00
RIVER BIRCH ‘Crimson Frost’10 gal$179.00
WEEPING CHERRY ‘Snow Fountain’7 gal$139.00
WEEPING WILLOW ‘Golden Niobe’15 gal$199.00
WEEPING WILLOW ‘Golden Niobe’25 gal$249.00


Premium Black Hardwood Mulch BULK1 cu yd$48.00
Premium Natural Hardwood Mulch BULK1 cu yd$43.00
Premium Black Hardwood Mulch BAGGED2 cu ft$6.99
Premium Natural Hardwood Mulch BAGGED2 cu ft$6.99
Organic Peat Humus Compost Garden Mix1 cu ft$6.99
Organic Premium Compost.75 cu ft$2.99
Fertilome Potting Mix8 qts$7.99
Fertilome Potting Mix25 qts$14.99
Peat Moss BALE1 cu ft$14.99
Peat Moss BALE2 cu ft$18.99
Organic Evergreen Fertilizer BAG4 lb$9.99
Organic Plant Fertilizer BAG4 lb$9.99

Seed & Miscellaneous

Shady Lawn Earth Carpet BAG5 lb$29.99
Kentucky Blue Grass Earth Carpet BAG5 lb$29.99
Wear n Tear Earth Carpet BAG5 lb$39.99
GARDEN & FLOWER SEEDSpacket$1.79-2.49
Weed Barrier – Organic Paper Roll3’x40′$18.99